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UHV Bonding Equipment, Inspection tool and Analysts instruments.
The following items are exhibited.
-High Volume Manufacture Equipment of Ultra High Vacuum Bonding Process.
-X-ray source realizing high resolution and high speed inspection with stable radiation.
-Leakage detector inspection for various leakage tests and gas analysis.
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Exhibited Products / Technologies (Manufacturer)
Atomic Diffusion Bonding Equipment BC7000
High Volume Manufacturing Equipment with Ultra High Vacuum process, which realizes high strong bonding strength at room temperature without pressing process.

Microforcus X-ray Source G-311 D-series
High-resolution micro-focus X-ray source contributing to the downtime reduction of the X-ray inspection instrument.

Leak Detector HELEN Series
Leakage detector with stable measurement in the long run operation, good repeatability and rapid responsiveness.

Compact Gas Analysis System C Series
Compact Gas analysis instrument with a high degree of freedom and various measurements.
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